SEA provides support to its clients globally at all project phases:  Pre-Construction , Construction and Operations.

Preconstruction Services

Initial Project

Conduct desk-top technical review to assist
the Client in assessing a new opportunity.
(“Teasers”, Requests for Proposals, Indications
of Interest).

Activities can include assessing:
• Resource potential
• Site suitability
• Project schedules & timelines
• Preliminary CapEx and OpEx

Due Diligence
To Ready-to-Build Status

Support development process through detailed technical review of project feasibility, economics and risks.

Activities can include assessing:
• Energy yields
• Technology options
• Grid availability and conditions
• Preliminary schedule for CapEx disbursements.
• Risks & Red Flag reviews

To Financial Close/NTP

Provide support during the transition between the project Development Team and the Construction/Asset Management team to ensure project is ready for construction.

Activities can include:
• Design optimisation
• Technology selection
• Procurement (RfP, negotiations, final contracts)
• Scheduling

Construction Services

Owner's Representative/

Manage the project as Client’s representative.
Work as a member of Client’s team to provide project management services, specific to the individual project requirements and Client’s
own resources.

Activities can include:
• Contractor/contract management (including claims re LDs, warranties, defects)
• Budget control
• Scheduling
• Stakeholder management
• Insurance managemen

Specific Technical &
Management Services

Work with Client team, providing specific expert support services; for example: HV/MV solutions; utility and grid connection management.

Operations Support Services

Troubleshooting &
Unexpected Problems

Support Client to resolve unexpected technical/operational problems.

Issues could include:
• Individual incidents
• Serial defects resolution
• Grid issues; dispute/conflict resolution

Project Enhancement

Support Client to improve the performance and value of a project.

Activities could include:
• Project expansion
• Storage additions
• Life extension/repowering
• Technical upgrades

Sale of Operating

Support client’s sale of project/assets to achieve maximum value.

Activities can include:
• Defect corrections
• Detailing historic performance and future expectations
• Identifying sources of additional value